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About L.L. Blue

Planning | Securing | Modernizing

Industrial Systems


Our Mission

Engineer the World of Tomorrow

Our Vision

  • Bring honor to God in all that we do.

  • Attract and develop the most talented teammates who are inventive leaders, lifelong learners, & passionate to bring about positive change while engineering the world of tomorrow. 

  • Leverage technology for its full advantages in creating the future.


  • Develop solutions that improve quality of life, serve communities, & sustain our planet.

A little about the Founder...

Digitization Consultants in southeast USA, llblueengineering

Karonn Blue, P.E., PMP, GICSP, CISSP

ICS Consultant

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I've has been involved in SCADA & industrial control systems(ICS) for over 15 years and enjoy helping companies plan, secure, & integrate these complex projects successfully. Starting out as a Jr. electrical engineer at a large coal-fired power station, I never imagined that I would have so much fun working with control systems. I was mentored by a senior team of Instrument & Control technicians who took me under their wings and helped me to master some of the fundamental concepts of controls systems engineering.  As my knowledge grew so did my excitement and I began to seek out the largest and most complex assignments to work on. It turns out that a large electric utility was a great place to work on a wide range of projects and to develop a broad set of ICS engineering skills. During my tenure at Southern Company, I had the privilege to design and commission projects in Cybersecurity, SCADA, DCS, EMS, Building Automation, & install the latest NERC CIP frameworks to name a few.


I started L.L. Blue Engineering to help clients transform their industrial facilities to take full advantage of technologies such as automation, augmented reality, data analytics, IIOT(industrial internet of things), machine learning, and cloud computing. We are constantly researching and exploring new tools, methods, frameworks, and technologies to help our clients compete in the digital industrial age.


Growing up fixing things with my dad and working at my grandparent's farm stirred my interests in engineering. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2002 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and became a professional engineer in 2008. I'm also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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