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Delivering complete ICS risk assessments and solutions for protecting your critical control systems

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ICS Cybersecurity

Phase 1

Develop a comprehensive critical asset list and network architecture.

A complete understanding of the equipment, topology, and connectedness is a must in order to fully assess the risk to your critical systems. We work with your IT and ICS staff to develop a comprehensive inventory of all your ICS systems, networks, and devices. 

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Phase 2
Phase 3

Build a risk management strategy that protects your business.

Identifying and understanding your business and operation objectives is critical to truly understanding the consequences and impact that a risk could potentially have on your business.  We collaborate with your organization's business managers, asset owners, plant managers, engineers, and other key stakeholders to clearly plan for how you deal with cyber risk to business. 

Identify vulnerabilities and model threats.

In this phase, we take a deep dive into your ICS to identify the vulnerabilities and potential threat sources and then determine which exploit methods and possible attacks that a threat would use to compromise your system. Through extensive discovery techniques such as network discovery, penetration testing, network port and services identification, vulnerability scanning, wireless scanning, and application security to name a few, we're able to gain a clear understanding of threats and risks.

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Our ICS risk assessment process helps your organization gain a solid understanding of what assets to protect, exploitable vulnerabilities, potential cyber threats, and attack methods against your mission-critical systems. Our team of cyber & ICS experts will help identify and strengthen weaknesses that contribute to information security breaches and business operation disruptions from cyber attacks. Once your team understands the potential risks and effectiveness of security standards for your organization, we help you to create and manage a program to mitigate cyber risks.


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A New Server Room for Securing Critical Infrastructure

Client Requirements

L.L. Blue was a member of an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) team to provide engineering, design, and integration support for a new secure server room at one of our utility client's largest power generating stations. All existing operator workstations, engineering servers, and control network components will be moved from within the central control room to the new more secure location. Because the facility is governed by National Energy Regulatory Commission Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP) standards, all elements had to be designed according to this framework.

Results Achieved

L.L. Blue provided network planning and design for the new secure server room that will house 80 critical servers providing 24/7 availability for the generating station. This secure datacenter will provide access control, noise mitigation, and tamper protection for the plant's industrial control systems. Because the project scope includes many disciplines and stakeholders, there were frequent changes authorized during each status update meeting. Through careful project management practices, we have been able to accommodate the design changes while meeting the client's tight design schedules.Careful project planning and coordination will be provided during construction so the facility can remain operable during the cutover period.


What Makes LL. Blue an Exceptional Engineering Firm and Control Systems Integrator?

The LL. BLUE Difference

Our goal is always to exceed our clients' expectations for engineering support and program management.

By partnering with LL. Blue on your next industrial systems engineering project, our mission is to:

Improve Safety - Ensuring our designs meet the highest engineering standard for safety is a core value for our firm. Keeping clients, employees and partners safe is our top priority.

Enhanced Productivity - Leveraging the latest controls and automation technology to enhance your facility and help fully utilize your assets. Realizing improved and more efficient results from your employees and equipment is why we are in business.

Exceptional Field Engineering - We pride ourselves on doing the detailed field work necessary to understand the intricacies of your current systems, as we assess and rethink the applications to engineer and deliver innovative solutions. Creating field details such as as-built documents and functional specifications is an arduous task but is key to our success in integrating complex systems.

Ongoing Support - We aim to be our clients' partner for a lifetime. LL. Blue will be there to support clients from the beginning of a project's life cycle until the Plant operations and maintenance staff has achieved full adoption and beyond. We'll help you provide preventive and sustaining services that keep your Plant operating at its best.

The LL. BLUE Difference

Having a knowledgeable partner like LL. Blue with extensive expertise in integrating industrial control and software systems, has allowed clients to focus on the "WHATs, WHYs & WHENs" of strategic direction, while LL. Blue focuses on the "HOW" to design, build and integrate. We have become a trusted partner that can execute areas of a strategic plan as our clients continue to develop their critical infrastructure protection plans.

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