ICS Cybersecurity

Phase 1

Develop a comprehensive critical asset list and network architecture.

A complete understanding of the equipment, topology, and connectedness is a must in order to fully assess the risk to your critical systems. We work with your IT and ICS staff to develop a comprehensive inventory of all your ICS systems, networks, and devices. 

Phase 2
Phase 3

Build a risk management strategy that protects your business.

Identifying and understanding your business and operation objectives is critical to truly understanding the consequences and impact that a risk could potentially have on your business.  We collaborate with your organization's business managers, asset owners, plant managers, engineers, and other key stakeholders to clearly plan for how you deal with cyber risk to business. 

Identify vulnerabilities and model threats.

In this phase, we take a deep dive into your ICS to identify the vulnerabilities and potential threat sources and then determine which exploit methods and possible attacks that a threat would use to compromise your system. Through extensive discovery techniques such as network discovery, penetration testing, network port and services identification, vulnerability scanning, wireless scanning, and application security to name a few, we're able to gain a clear understanding of threats and risks.

Our ICS risk assessment process helps your organization gain a solid understanding of what assets to protect, exploitable vulnerabilities, potential cyber threats, and attack methods against your mission-critical systems. Our team of cyber & ICS experts will help identify and strengthen weaknesses that contribute to information security breaches and business operation disruptions from cyber attacks. Once your team understands the potential risks and effectiveness of security standards for your organization, we help you to create and manage a program to mitigate cyber risks.


Let's start a conversation.

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Let's start a conversation.

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.


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