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Digital Transformation

Helping industrial facilities leverage technology, people, & data to be more competitive and improve their bottom line.

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Unlocking New Value

Rethink what exists, Make way for what's next

You’re going to need more than imagination. You’re going to need expertise to help unlock ideas from within your teams and across industry that moves your business forward—a "Digital Blueprint" that works..... and there’s plenty of inspiration if you just look around.

Benefits of Digital Transformation


Harness the Power of Data

Become an analytics driven organization that achieves better performance through data.


Smart Real-time Insights

Explore new ways to work using better insights and responsive operations.


Reduce O&M Costs

Embrace constant business model innovations and continually unlock real value.


Build a Digital Culture

Build the culture and capabilities you need to move quickly, become agile, and create value far into the future.


Modernize & Integrate Core Technology

Develop a modern OT architecture that improves operational performance, flexibility, analytics, and rapid cross platform integration.


Enhance Cybersecurity

Protect critical systems and develop a robust OT architecture that minimizes vulnerabilities and resists cyber attacks.

5 Steps for Driving Value in Your Digital Journey

Our Blueprint For Digital Transformation Success



  • Establish Organizational Vision

  • Define the Business Value

  • Establish Metrics



  • Assess & Analyze Environments

  • Capture Pain Points

  • Employ Design Thinking

  • Industry Research



  • Technical & Financial Master Planning

  • Experiment & Build 'Proof of Value' Projects

  • Map Technology Architecture

  • Develop Specifications



  • Seek Partners & Expertise

  • Prepare the Culture

  • Gather Feedback & Refine

  • Develop Digital Talent



  • Scale & Transform

  • Support User Adoption & Ownership

  • Optimize & Improve

What We Can Do Together


Migrate from Legacy to Modern

Prepare the systems within your industrial facilities to leverage current and future technology innovations.


Asset Data Remediation

Data enrichment, data cleansing, and full scale data rebuilds to prepare your facility for advanced data analytics.


Integrate Mobile

Integrate complex and interdependent applications into a usable mobile tool.


Custom App Development

Design custom applications that address specific needs within your industrial facility.


Build “Proof of Value” Projects

Flush out value and reduce mistakes prior to scaling digital transformation projects


Ready to take the next step?

Showcase Whitepapers & Insights


Digital Blueprint

Through the convergence of advances in computing, explosions in R&D in advanced analytics, and embedded information built into smart devices, there has been no better time for electric utilities to begin a digital transformation


Towards Digitalization

While digitalization involves some risk, a strategically executed digital transformation offers far greater reward for asset-intensive industries. The primary issues that drive digitalization for top-tier electric utilities are ...


The Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT is connecting industrial devices, sensors, machines, and standalone systems in a closed, private network where the data can be leveraged to increase revenue, decrease cost, and make business processes more efficient.

What Makes LL. Blue an Exceptional Engineering Firm and Control Systems Integrator?

The LL. BLUE Difference

Our goal is always to exceed our clients' expectations for engineering support and program management.

By partnering with LL. Blue on your next industrial systems engineering project, our mission is to:

Improve Safety - Ensuring our designs meet the highest engineering standard for safety is a core value for our firm. Keeping clients, employees and partners safe is our top priority.

Enhanced Productivity - Leveraging the latest controls and automation technology to enhance your facility and help fully utilize your assets. Realizing improved and more efficient results from your employees and equipment is why we are in business.

Exceptional Field Engineering - We pride ourselves on doing the detailed field work necessary to understand the intricacies of your current systems, as we assess and rethink the applications to engineer and deliver innovative solutions. Creating field details such as as-built documents and functional specifications is an arduous task but is key to our success in integrating complex systems.

Ongoing Support - We aim to be our clients' partner for a lifetime. LL. Blue will be there to support clients from the beginning of a project's life cycle until the Plant operations and maintenance staff has achieved full adoption and beyond. We'll help you provide preventive and sustaining services that keep your Plant operating at its best.

The LL. BLUE Difference

Having a knowledgeable partner like LL. Blue with extensive expertise in integrating industrial control and software systems, has allowed clients to focus on the "WHATs, WHYs & WHENs" of strategic direction, while LL. Blue focuses on the "HOW" to design, build and integrate. We have become a trusted partner that can execute areas of a strategic plan as our clients continue to develop their critical infrastructure protection plans.

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